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Mr Jagath Udaya Kumara Dissanayake

President, Chamber Of Commerce & Industry
Central Province, Sri Lanka

As an oldest chamber we occupes a best position among other business chambers.For 30 years,Our Chamber of commerce and Industry of central province (CCICP) always come forward to shoulder it's responsibilities to entrepreneurs, Businessmen and in industrialist in central region . The CCICP hosts a versatile and talented group of entrepreneur by supporting businesses we economically empower central region In keeping with our commitment to achieving the vision, mission , and objectives of the chamber, we were able to sustain excellent relationships with local, regional, and national chambers as well as with a variety of government and non-governmental organizations. I convey my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to former presidents and the board of directors for their leadership and dedication to the development of the chamber and the prosperity of its precious members. Also, I'd wish to appreciate former and present management, as well as all levels of personnel, for their tremendous work.